Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Back at home!

Hallöchen. ♥

Now I try to write apost in English, I give my best. This will be a torture. Shame on me that I can't do it better! At first I want to say sorry for this, haha.

Today I planned this post as a "Thank you"-one I want to show how happy and how I jolly of my parcel from the netherlands. I follow a beautyblogger from the netherlands called Lisanne, who always create such beautiful and colour eye make ups. Yeah, I like her eye make ups, especially extraordinary ones. In my opinion she is very cool and I really love her amazing eyecolour. I know I'm wierd, but I like this way to life creative and I'm a person, which always wear  super duper colourful eye make up. Sometimes I look ugly because it's too much, I guess, but I like it. But I feel already strange. Waah, this isn't that what I actually wanted to write, aww...

Well, today I'm back from visiting my parents in North Rhine-Westphalia. My break lasted 2-3 weeks and I had a lot of fun. Two weeks ago I checked my twitter while shopping with my dad, because I had to wait while he was in the changing room. I saw accidentally that I won at a blogger giveaway. What the hell?! - I won. I entered just for fun, because I thought wouldn't win anyway. Damn I won. So I twittered back "Serious?!", and so Lisanne answered that this is true. Oh, oh, oh...I was so excited and couldn't wait to keep this parcel in my hands. But I knew I had to wait to more weeks till I am back at C-Town. It was so hard, because I was soooo nosey. I'm so happy, now I go crazy like a little child. 
So, nach dem ich jetzt von meinen fünf Minuten Mitternachtsdurchdreher runter gekommen bin will ich mich nochmals für mein schlechtes Englisch entschuldigen und euch mit so einem Post belästigt zu haben. Ich wollte einfach nur meine Freude und und meinen Dank ausprechen. :'D

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